I am back! Welcome to my blog.

Collage_2017I cannot believe that it has been 18 months since I posted.  It has been a very busy 18 months full of selling homes, spending time with my granddaughters and taking in the bounty of the this beautiful land. I have been working all of this time and am pleased with the results BUT I have the need to start writing. There is an excitement in my own life but is contrasted with the devastation from the fires that destroyed so many homes and landscape. Here is just one of many images of homes that I have sold over the years.


It will be years before our neighborhoods and landscapes will recover. There is much concern that the real estate market will be as negatively impacted as the landscape. Yes, it is impacted. Rentals have been scooped up immediately. Homes are flying off the market. But I am working on 4 places that will go on the market in the next few weeks. Life goes on no matter how bad it feels.

In 2 days I will be moving into my new home in Rohnert Park! I have to say that it is not a great house but I am going to turn it into a fantastic home. I will have a yard and I will dazzle the neighborhood with a magnificant yard. I am so excited.  I made my first offer on this home in July. I am paying more than I wanted and it has taken forever.  Why? Because it is a short sale. A few years ago these were very common and while we did not love dealing with them, the banks had figured out how to get the home sold in a month or so.  Today it was like they had never seen a short sale. It has been an extremely frustrating experience.  But it is finally happening.

I have gotten the question, “Why are you moving from Sebastopol to Rohnert Park?” Bottom line is that I am moving from a two story townhouse with a tiny yard and stairs to a large yard and single level single family residence. The yard is a clean slate and I am already planning the gardens, both front and back. And it is only a few minutes from my office – which has very little to do with any decision.

Did I mention that I will be doing a bit of remodeling? I have no idea how much I will be changing but the house needs some basic infrastructure improvements. I plan to share the process and decision making. So stay tuned to see all the changes!



1 Response to “I am back! Welcome to my blog.”

  1. 1 Doris Lyons December 11, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Congratulations! I’m looking forward to what you do with the house and property!

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