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Working on the House

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The move in was just a week before Christmas. I managed to get the bedroom set up such that I spent the night of December 19 at the house in my new bed (ordered from Casper and is it ever wonderful!). 7AM Stout’s Heating and Air Conditioning showed up to start the heater installation. It was sub-freezing nighttime temperatures and I was loving the idea of a working heater.

IMG_3858 (1)The first day was taking out the old heater and getting the ducting in for the new. I chose to have the new heater and ducting in the attic to avoid messing with the asbestos wrapped ducting under the house. Only one day told me that I needed a medicine cabinet in the bathroom. I knew this before I even bought the place but I thought I would last longer than a day. The second night was just as cold as the first and I was wondering if I was going to make it with holes in the ceiling, holes in the closet and no door to the garage. But in the evening of day two I had a working heater and a warm home. I have set the heater to 67 degrees during the daytime and 60 degrees at night.  Love my new controller.

Here is the newly hung medicine cabinet. Not much else new was done other than a tarp now covers the doorway to the garage from the kitchen. We got a small refrigerator in to hold the meat for Christmas Eve. The super cold weather made the garage function as a walk in refrigerator which made it possible to get a decent dinner on the table. There were twelve of us for Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve and a day of packages and food in my cozy new home. A wonderful start to a terrific transformation of 412 Anson Ave. This will be a great year.


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