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August 2013 is Fair Month

RamI love going to the Sonoma County Fair. This year’s Fair was focused on “Home Spun Fun”.  I love the emphasis on home and fun because that is what the fair is really about.  While it is mostly the same each year, the flower gardens, the pictures, the quilts and the animals are different.  My favorite is the roses.  But a close second is the Hall of Flowers with the gardens.  The theme this year is “Backyard Blossoms” and the flowers were magnificent.  The Men’s Garden Club out did themselves and took home the Best In Show trophy.  What a spectacular display of plants!  My favorite was the wall of succulents with a water feature made of quarter inch mesh screen.  Simple and inexpensive with a real impact.  I would love to have this in my backyard.     Succulent wallGail with arrangementThe rose show was once again dominated by my wonderful friends of Redwood Empire Rose Society.  Gail Lee brought home the Best in Show for her arrangement.   Each year the Rose Society has an information table during the rose displays to answer questions on roses and keep the displays watered.  We got one new member this year during the fair which is always a bonus.  I love this group of people.  Many blue ribbons were given out and the information table was well visited even though we were allocated space behind the jams, pies and sewing projects.

Apple PieSpeaking of pies, the Gravenstein Apple Fair was in Ragle Ranch Park this last weekend.   Visitors were greeted by the Patrick Amiot ram pictured above and the park was filled with artisans, chefs, antique apple machinery and bands.  It was the County Fair petite!  The one thing that the Apple Fair had that was not available at the county fair was homemade apple pie from the Community Church of Sebastopol.  I must admit that it was my lunch that day!

A benefit of my new home is that I can walk to Ragle Ranch Park and I do so about three times a week.  I took advantage of the proximity to go to the Apple Fair and avoided the parking struggles.  They do have parking within the park but it is $7 and the cars parked outside of the gates reached almost to my home.   I am loving living in Sebastopol.

Walker Apple Display at the Gravenstein Apple Fair

Walker Apple Display at the Gravenstein Apple Fair

Gravenstein Apples – A Part of Sebastopol History


Apples on the Tree at Eden


Sebastopol has a long history with the Gravenstein apple.  The agricultural present of Sonoma County including Sebastopol is wine grapes but the past is full of prunes and apples.  Over the last decade the craggy aged apple orchards have given way to rhythmical flow of brilliant shades of grape vines.  The apple processing plant on Gravenstein Highway just north of Sebastopol is now the home of boutique wineries.  The commerce of apples has dropped to roadside stands and a few organic suppliers.  If you want to experience the full array of local apples, visit Walker Apples on Upp Road outside of Graton.  The apple has been relegated to a caricature for the Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce.  

What to make?


But this time of year, the apple becomes the impetus of household activity.  Facebook pages beg for friends to come pick apples before they all fall to the ground.  Recipes are swapped for new uses of the crop that seems to have no end.  The Gravenstein is an apple that brings the culinary skills of everyone to the forefront.  This is a tart apple that shows itself the best in a pie or applesauce.  I usually leave the food topics to my dear friend, Elle, at – which is the food link to the right.  But this year I have my own apple trees and I am inspired.  I am hearing of a great apple cake that I may need to try this year.  

Gravenstein Apple Galette


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