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Leaving a Legacy – A Bit at a Time

20130524_115031 (1024x768)9 days to go and I will be a homeowner.  The countdown is making it feel more real.  Or is it the house full of boxes and realizing that I cannot make pasta as the colander is packed?  I had the privilege the last couple of days to host my great friend, Barb Benda, who is packer extraordinaire.  The kitchen is mostly packed (except for those few things that I must have to eat this next week), the attic is emptied and items are sorted for what goes to charity, what is given to friends and what I might sell on Craig’s List.  I must admit that she is brutal about the decision making.  Out go my 60’s prom dresses – goodbye croquet set – bye-bye yarn from the 80’s.  As we were sorting, I would say, “that goes to The Legacy.”  Finally Barb asked me, “What is The Legacy?”

laceThe Legacy is a craft and gift shop that is totally supported by donations to the Sebastopol Area Senior Center.  Fabric is sold by the pound and everything is really priced low.  This shop is such a part of Sebastopol that we don’t realize that it doesn’t exist anywhere else. We filled up my car and set off for the adventure of the day.  Just as we were leaving, my daughter called, “Mom, can you go by The Legacy and get me some stretchy white fabric for my display at Occidental Center for the Arts?”  How convenient.  It is nice to say yes without any hesitation.  I left a full load of goodies that I have carried around for about 20 years and got something for Jen at an outrageous price of $1.09.  donations

The day turned out to be a nice respite from loading boxes. It was great fun having someone with me to run my errands.  In addition to visiting The Legacy, we traveled into Santa Rose to pick out paint colors at Benjamin Moore, deposit  money at the bank and check out Lumber Liquidators.

It is getting close to D-Day on my move.  I have had two flooring contractors out for bids on the living room/dining area/kitchen floor.  I want it to be one continuous material instead of being chopped up by carpet and two different tiles.  I am so ready to get back to my vibrant colored walls.  Painting bids are coming in.  And the kitchen needs a new counter top – I am thinking butcher block.  There are still many things that need to be done and decisions to be made.

At the end of  the day, Barb and I set down to relax.  She was so glad to have had the chance to spend a day learning about this area.  She loves the idea of The Legacy, marvels at the recycling opportunities that Sonoma County offers and delights with the sculptures that appear as we drive around the countryside.  We who live here take these things for granted.  We are all working on our legacy.  I am so happy to be a part of Sonoma County.

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