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Bodega Harbour Women’s Invitational

20130917_093355 While I do not live on the coast, Bodega Harbour is one on my favorite hangouts.  The Links golf course is beautiful and usually one of my best scoring courses.  That is a surprise to most golfers as the Links at Bodega Harbour has a reputation of being a ball eater golf course.  I do well because I don’t hit the ball very far and I mostly hit it straight.  I am lucky enough to be invited to the annual Invitational tournament.  This is a money maker for the local charities and I do my part.

Katy & PhillipMonday evening is the cocktail reception and auction which benefits the Analy High School (which is in Sebastopol) Girls Golf program.  The theme this year was Midnight in Paris and the Parisian magic was in the air.  The Invitational chair is none other than the lovely Katy Karrenbrock who spun her hostess web with all things French.  A good deal of French champagne was consumed to provide the flower vases for tables.

My Team - Pat, Lorraine, Jean and me

My Team – Pat, Lorraine, Jean and me

Foursomes dressed in the theme and I was part of the French Maids.  We were a big hit at the party and were a contrast to the stripped shirts and red neck scarves. With the gale winds, we did not play very well but we had a great deal of fun and were pleased to not come in at last place!If you are out at the coast and have a morning to play golf, you cannot pick a better activity.  The scenery is beautiful and the course is interesting.  I definitely suggest a cart as the hills are significant and the folks behind you will be unhappy.

The Bluewater Bistro is a cut above the usual golf course fare.  It has the best view in Bodega Bay.  We ended our round with a luncheon of prizes, wine and great food – all with wonderful company.

The Sign of a Good Party

The Sign of a Good Party


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