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2012 Has Started with a Splash

510 Bohemian Highway, Freestone, CA

January is half over and I am only on my first blog of the year.  I plan to write weekly but things keep taking my time.  I returned home from Hawaii on January 10 at midnight and was answering text message at 8 AM.  There has hardly been an hour that I have not been scheduled in the last 8 days.  I don’t bring this up because I need to act busy and important.  No – I bring this up because real estate is very busy.

Kitchen of 510 Bohemian Hwy

Statistics of Single Family Homes for the first two weeks of the year in Sonoma County are:

237 New Listings of which 71 are short sales and 52 are bank owned.

314 Properties went into contract of which 143 are short sales and 72 are bank owned.

176 Homes sold with 34 being short sales and 49 being bank owned.

Notice something here?  Short sales are going into contract a lot faster than they are closing.  There are plenty of “regular” or “equity” sales – sales where the sellers have equity in the home and the sale is not due to a distress situation.   If you are looking for a great price on a new home and do not mind the uncertainty of a closing date, a short sale may be the answer to your dreams.

View from the Living Room

This week I listed 510 Bohemian Highway.  The address is officially Sebastopol but most people refer to it as Freestone.  Freestone is a very small town that is home to Wildflower Bakery and Osmosis Day Spa.  It is a wonderful place.

The home at 510 Bohemian Way is situated on 5 acres with a panoramic view of the Freestone Valley.  The land is a gentle down slope that holds a garden full of exotic and fragrant plants.  The house is 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  The floors are wide planks and the counters are concrete.  This home must be sold in the next three weeks.  While this is a beautiful home much loved by the current owners, it is a distressed property that will soon be foreclosed by the bank holding the note.  My expectation is that the property will sell for around $700,000.  It is a steal at this price.  If you have any interest in living in lovely Freestone, please send me a message or give me a call.

Garden View

Will Summer Ever Come?

Sunny Skies over Freestone Valley

Memorial Day is a day to reflect and remember the men and women who gave their lives for our country and, therefore, our freedom – our government – our lifestyle.  Few people today celebrate the day as was intended.  Even fewer know that until after Word War I, Memorial Day or Decoration Day as it was originally called began in 1868 and was to promote reconciliation as all Americans came together to remember those who gave their all in the Civil War.  Of course, many Confederate states refused to participate on this one day until WWI eclipsed the Civil War as THE WAR.  Those Southern souls might have considered the Memorial Day holiday as the beginning of summer.  It seems that many Americans take that view today.  

Red Hot Pokers along the Shell Beach Trail

No matter what my parents told me, my childhood thoughts of Memorial Day were that summer vacation was about to begin and shorts were the correct attire for the months to come.  But here we sit in Northern California and wonder if the rain is ever going to stop.  This has been a very wet winter and the rain keeps coming.  Last Thursday I had to walk about 80 yards from my car to the office and my hair was dripping wet.  The last few days has been spectacular but today was overcast and there is rain in the upcoming forecast.  How can this be?   I received some beautiful pictures in my email today of roses in Iowa – three weeks earlier than normal.  Iowa has gotten our summer and we want it back!   Maybe this next week will not produce rain or it will be the very last rain of this unusual Spring.  Whatever the case, we need to revel in every one of these beautiful days.  So in celebration of our few days of fantastic weather, I am posting pictures of West Sonoma County.  Enjoy.

Along the Bluffs of Sonoma County


October 2021


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