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2250 Joy Road, Occidental

front house (2)I have been remiss in getting this lovely listing on this blog.  I have no good excuse.  The listing has been promoted every other way that I know and I have let my blog lag.  2250 Joy Road is about a half mile down the road from where I lived before my move into Sebastopol.  The current owner has loved this home and spot but has come to the realization that it is time to move into town.  Does that sound familiar? through the trees (2) While I drove passed this home every day on my way to and from work, I did not know it was there.  Situated on the back half of a 1.18 acre lot, there is a cover of trees and a lovely meadow between Joy Road and the home.  Ample parking is along the driveway and a large paved turn around area at the front of the house that leads to the two car garage.

deck-denThe home has three bedrooms and two baths to the right of the entryway.  The entryway has oak flooring with inlaid detail to give a touch of style to the home.  The oak flooring extends into the hallway to the bedrooms, the kitchen and the den/office.  The living room, dining room and master bedroom open to the sunny meadow with a deck off of the master bedroom for lounging in the sun.  Off of the den is a large deck for shaded afternoon entertaining or just a nap in nature.

Living is easy in this home.  The laundry room and powder room are off of the den which Denis easily accessible from the kitchen, side deck or garage.  The den is currently used as an office but I see it as the place I would live year round with its oak floors, great lighting, slider to the deck and spot for a wood burning stove.   Of course, there is the sitting area in the kitchen with cabinetry and TV unit where I could sit right in the middle of the household activity.

This is a beautiful home on enough land to feel private but not so much that it is a large undertaking to maintain.  I can dream about living here – maybe you can, too,  If you want to see additional pictures, let me know.  Of course, I have them.


It Is All About Community

WWW signWhen I moved to Winding Wood Way, I expected that I would learn to live with neighbors and hear the sounds of human existence over the hoots of owls, growls of raccoon and wind in the redwoods.  I have been surprised at how quiet my new neighborhood is.  I see folks walking their dog or pulling out in their car but other than those activities, I hardly see anyone and seldom have the chance to meet.

So I was very excited to learn that a workday and potluck was planned for last Sunday.  The entrance to our little street was flanked by grass and with a group of frustrated gardeners in residence, this was not an acceptable situation.  The homeowner’s association had planned a perennial garden to spruce up along the sidewalk and the ground was prepared by the maintenance fellows.  At around 11 AM the group was gathered and the planting was underway.Planting2We were finished in no time.  I had planned to spend the whole day and decided that I should use this time to work in my own little back yard.  It is still a mess so you will not be seeing a picture of it as yet.  I planted a rose which generated a tub of topsoil that I have no idea where to dispose.  I then decided that it was time for the privet growing along the back fence to go.  Soon my yard was not only full of pots, plants and topsoil but the debris of a 10 foot privet!  By this time I was totally exhausted and a bit downtrodden.  How was I going to dispose of the mess I had just made?Picnic

Off I went to the picnic at the common area by the vegetable gardens.  I am going to have to sign up for one  of these gardens and hopefully next year I can grow eggplant and peppers and onions and zucchini.  There is no time for that until I get my own garden habitable.

I met neighbors whom I had never seen and shared a wonderful meal.  I shared that I had just generated a great deal of debris and did not have a green bin for disposal.  I was told of someone who had offered theirs for the communal workday but was not needed.  I drove home yesterday thinking about how I might need to go door to door until I found the person with the empty bin.

What a wonderful surprise when I got home and a green bin was in my driveway!  Community is a wonderful thing.

Bodega Harbour Women’s Invitational

20130917_093355 While I do not live on the coast, Bodega Harbour is one on my favorite hangouts.  The Links golf course is beautiful and usually one of my best scoring courses.  That is a surprise to most golfers as the Links at Bodega Harbour has a reputation of being a ball eater golf course.  I do well because I don’t hit the ball very far and I mostly hit it straight.  I am lucky enough to be invited to the annual Invitational tournament.  This is a money maker for the local charities and I do my part.

Katy & PhillipMonday evening is the cocktail reception and auction which benefits the Analy High School (which is in Sebastopol) Girls Golf program.  The theme this year was Midnight in Paris and the Parisian magic was in the air.  The Invitational chair is none other than the lovely Katy Karrenbrock who spun her hostess web with all things French.  A good deal of French champagne was consumed to provide the flower vases for tables.

My Team - Pat, Lorraine, Jean and me

My Team – Pat, Lorraine, Jean and me

Foursomes dressed in the theme and I was part of the French Maids.  We were a big hit at the party and were a contrast to the stripped shirts and red neck scarves. With the gale winds, we did not play very well but we had a great deal of fun and were pleased to not come in at last place!If you are out at the coast and have a morning to play golf, you cannot pick a better activity.  The scenery is beautiful and the course is interesting.  I definitely suggest a cart as the hills are significant and the folks behind you will be unhappy.

The Bluewater Bistro is a cut above the usual golf course fare.  It has the best view in Bodega Bay.  We ended our round with a luncheon of prizes, wine and great food – all with wonderful company.

The Sign of a Good Party

The Sign of a Good Party

The Dog Days of 2013

suzanneDid you know where the term Dog Days comes from?  I had no idea until I heard it a few weeks ago in conversation and decided that I needed to know.  It turns out that the term was introduced before the Bible was written.   The Greeks and the Romans believed that the warm, sultry days were caused by the rising of Sirius, the DOG star, in the constellation of Canis Major (Big Dog).  They sacrificed a red dog to appease the star in hopes of avoiding many hot days.  I wonder if the dog was a Basenji?  Having spent about 15 years with a Besenji, Zephyr, I can imagine them being victim to this fate.  But that is another story all together.  t I loved Zephyr and mourned his death.  But he was a handful.  Historically, this time was July and August but I have remembered the sultry days in California to always be in September and often encompassing Labor Day.


We certainly experienced the warm and sultry days the first week of September.  And how better to embrace them than to have an evening enjoying the beautiful landscape and glorious foods of Sonoma County.   Russian River wines, local cheeses, Forestville bread, home grown vegetables and Bodega Bay salmon made up the menu. The temperature was perfect.  The setting was lovely.  The company was entertaining.  The sunset was inspiring.sunset

August 2013 is Fair Month

RamI love going to the Sonoma County Fair. This year’s Fair was focused on “Home Spun Fun”.  I love the emphasis on home and fun because that is what the fair is really about.  While it is mostly the same each year, the flower gardens, the pictures, the quilts and the animals are different.  My favorite is the roses.  But a close second is the Hall of Flowers with the gardens.  The theme this year is “Backyard Blossoms” and the flowers were magnificent.  The Men’s Garden Club out did themselves and took home the Best In Show trophy.  What a spectacular display of plants!  My favorite was the wall of succulents with a water feature made of quarter inch mesh screen.  Simple and inexpensive with a real impact.  I would love to have this in my backyard.     Succulent wallGail with arrangementThe rose show was once again dominated by my wonderful friends of Redwood Empire Rose Society.  Gail Lee brought home the Best in Show for her arrangement.   Each year the Rose Society has an information table during the rose displays to answer questions on roses and keep the displays watered.  We got one new member this year during the fair which is always a bonus.  I love this group of people.  Many blue ribbons were given out and the information table was well visited even though we were allocated space behind the jams, pies and sewing projects.

Apple PieSpeaking of pies, the Gravenstein Apple Fair was in Ragle Ranch Park this last weekend.   Visitors were greeted by the Patrick Amiot ram pictured above and the park was filled with artisans, chefs, antique apple machinery and bands.  It was the County Fair petite!  The one thing that the Apple Fair had that was not available at the county fair was homemade apple pie from the Community Church of Sebastopol.  I must admit that it was my lunch that day!

A benefit of my new home is that I can walk to Ragle Ranch Park and I do so about three times a week.  I took advantage of the proximity to go to the Apple Fair and avoided the parking struggles.  They do have parking within the park but it is $7 and the cars parked outside of the gates reached almost to my home.   I am loving living in Sebastopol.

Walker Apple Display at the Gravenstein Apple Fair

Walker Apple Display at the Gravenstein Apple Fair

Phase II of Being a Buyer

Front of Town House - Bessie isn't in the garage because all of my furniture is!

Front of Town House – Bessie isn’t in the garage because all of my furniture is!

The town home closed one day early – June 3.  You would think that I would immediately announce on this blog and revel in the giddiness of being a homeowner once again.  No instead I had a panic attack!  You think I am joking but I really did.  I did my walk through (that is when you go through the property before close of escrow to make sure that everything was as you remembered it when you wrote the offer) while the tenant was still in tenancy. It looked just like it did before – lots of furniture and stuff.  When I went

Water Central in my Kitchen

Water Central in my Kitchen

in after close of escrow – which means that it is now mine – there was the interesting thing sticking out of the kitchen floor.  What in the world is it? Most people said “oh, you have radiant floor heating!”  But I knew that I didn’t.  What seemed like a lifetime later (it was about 2 days), I got a plumber out who explained to me that this was the  manifold for all the water in my home.  There was no “moving” it if I wanted water.  I fretted – I called the listing agent and said that I was going to get  a bid to reroute the water supply as I planned to put my refrigerator where it is located – I had my panic attack.  A couple of discussions later with the benefit of pinot noir, I came to my senses and decided that I would build a cabinet around it to display my dishes and move the refrigerator the 6 inches that is needed to avoid the plumbing.  I so appreciate what my clients go through when they find something that should have been disclosed.  I need to call the listing agent and let her know that I have come to my senses.

Toolbox for the single female homeowner

Toolbox for the single female homeowner

My agent did not give me a closing gift (yes, that was me and I am getting new flooring!) but Gail brought over champagne, a home made pizza and flowers.  What a great friend she is!   Then a client (can a call her a client when she has never been in contract?) gave me a tool box with everything one needs to deal with a new home and a bouquet of roses.  I was so touched by the thought and will use it regularly.  So I do not feel deprived at all.

Living Room and Stairwell Before Updating

Living Room and Stairwell Before Updating

Last Wednesday the floors in the downstairs were torn out in preparation for cork floors to be installed.  Rob from Naturlich in Sebastopol says “why didn’t I see that?” when he saw the pipes coming out of the floor.  “Because they were hidden,” I cry.  I was still in my panic mode.  With the help of pinot noir, I am now quite sanguine on the matter.  You can take that however you wish.  Thursday all of my heavy furniture was moved.  It was a long day but at the end of it, I have my bedroom completely functional.  This is very easy as it is exactly the same dimensions and  orientation as my bedroom on Joy Road.  The rest of the furniture is in the garage.    The pots and plants that I intend to keep from Joy Road are in the back.  It is a very small yard – the width of the town home and not too deep.  I may have brought too many things.  I will work that out.

Backyard After a Day's Work

Backyard After a Day’s Work

Believe it or not – I worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  That is real work that pays the bills not work on the move.  Monday was the first day of painting.  only the downstairs and the upstairs hallway are getting a facelift.  Bedrooms and upstairs baths are just going to have to wait for another time.  Today is Thursday and I now have painted walls and cork flooring.  The living room is red, the stairwell is beige and the kitchen is robin egg blue.  The Benjamin Moore colors are Spanish Red, Shaker Beige and Tranquil Blue for those of you who care about these things.  There are still things to be done.  My TV armoire did not make it up the stairs.  Not sure what I am going to do there.  I signed up for Comcast internet and then forgot to get an ethernet cable when I was at Joy Road last night.

Yes, I am living between two places.  My bed is in Sebatopol but my TV, Internet and kitchen is still at Joy Road.  Last night I was on the blow up bed in my old bedroom.  Tonight I am in Sebastopol using my Verizon hotspot and getting a good night’s sleep.  I planted six roses today and my back is complaining.  My goal is to be settled by June 24.  I am a positive thinker.  Whether I am totally settled or not, I am inviting all those who have helped me move to celebrate that evening.  Did I mention that I am easy walking to Fiesta Market, Mombo’s Pizza and Sebastopol Hardware?

Living Room and Stairwell Tonight

Living Room and Stairwell Tonight

Artist Profile – Alexandra Jacopetti Hart

ImageLast night was the opening of the retrospection exhibit  of textile arts from Alexandra Jacopetti Hart.  It was spectacular.  I would say that even if Jennifer Beckham had not been the curator.  The show was a wonderful collaboration between Alexandra and Jennifer.  Congratulations to both.  You can see the exhibit on the weekends until July 7.  Make it a point to go.

Here is my article that is published in the Sonoma County Gazette.

ImageAlexandra Jacopetti Hart took the 60’s by storm and led the crowd in making the most of the times.  But do not think that Alexandra is locked into the era that formed her.  Here is a woman who can provoke innovation today and know that the path continues into a new realm.  Beginning June 7, Alexandra’s past will be only the step to a new and exciting future at the opening of a retrospective exhibit of her Funk and Flash creations.  During the last 50 years, Alexandra has participated in the art scene of Northern California through painting, performing and participating.  But what will keep her in the forefront of creativity to many of her admirers is the large contribution to the textile arts – weaving, embroidery and design.  Thus is the focus of the installation at Occidental Center for the Arts from June 7 to July 7.

The early years of Alexandra’s life were spent in Southern Idaho and Salt Lake City.  She learned the craft of sewing and creating with fabric by spending time with her grandmother and grandmother’s friends as they quilted.  She dissected the tailored garments that her great aunt gave her and learned how clothing was created.  Still a teenager, she discovered the value of quality fabric when she designed and constructed an embroidered dress for her younger sister.  She became interested in weaving to provide the substrate that she needed for creating original art with needle and thread.  At age 18, Alexandra was a mother with a second child on the way and newly divorced.  A person she met said “you belong in North Beach.”  She had never heard of North Beach but she left Salt Lake City for The City by the Bay and never looked back.

It was not long after coming to San Francisco that Alexandra met Roland Jacopetti and the two of them began fast friends.  Roland taught her the ins and outs of San Francisco and Berkeley.  They were then known as Ben and Rain which may have been their names given at birth.  Rain combed the beaches of Berkeley and used driftwood to create art.  With the acceptance of a collage on driftwood for display at Vorpal Gallery in San Francisco, Rain/Alexandra felt she was an artist.  Until that time she did not feel that she “qualified” to call herself an artist as she did not meet the high standards formed by the admiration of artists within her family.  The Open Theater in Berkeley began in July of 1965.  Founders Ben and Rain Jacopetti had formed a group called the Berkeley Experimental Arts Foundation “for the presentation and study of new art forms and trends”.  The Open Theater began presenting shows every weekend, and sometimes on weekdays as well.  This venture may have introduced Psychedelic  Music to the 60s counter culture as an advertisement in the Oakland Tribune is the first known printed reference.  Alexandra recalls that the average audience size was around 10.  Everything changed with the Trips Festival at the Longshoreman’s Hall in San Francisco in early 1966.  The organizers included Roland and Alexandra and Bill Graham. Accustomed to audiences of less than twenty, they were overwhelmed when the line to get in wrapped around the building.  Ten thousand hippies showed up to the three day event .  Not only were lives changed but the world changed.  Bill Graham went on to rent the Fillmore – Roland and Alexandra went another direction and relocated to Morningstar Ranch outside of Occidental.

attendeeA dream of Alexandra’s was to live in a compound with her family where they could grow their own food and create life and art.  This dream was realized at Sunshine Camp in Forestville.  Alexandra  returned to her roots of textile art.  She embroidered jeans, jackets, ethnic inspired garments.  She founded Native Funk and Flash, Folkwear Patterns and Dharma Trading Company.  She was in the beginning of Baulines Craft Guild.  She created the Macramé Park to the delight of children in Bolinas.  Her energy seems endless and her enthusiasm is contagious.

The exhibit at Occidental Center for the Arts is a celebration of Alexandra’s creations and contribution to our collective culture.  The Native Funk & Flash book reissue featuring unpublished material will be in conjunction with a gallery exhibit and a film event featuring The Saga of Macramé Park and Eric Christensen’s Trips Festival. This will be a fun time – full of nostalgia for the old hippies and history for the local youth.  For Alexandra this is a transition time – while she is no longer able to do the delicate manipulations of needle and thread, she is not willing to stop her time of creating.  Her next project is to be a “social” artist – creating by who she is – not what she makes.  I think that she began this project the day she stepped into North Beach.

20130607_182125 (800x487)

Leaving a Legacy – A Bit at a Time

20130524_115031 (1024x768)9 days to go and I will be a homeowner.  The countdown is making it feel more real.  Or is it the house full of boxes and realizing that I cannot make pasta as the colander is packed?  I had the privilege the last couple of days to host my great friend, Barb Benda, who is packer extraordinaire.  The kitchen is mostly packed (except for those few things that I must have to eat this next week), the attic is emptied and items are sorted for what goes to charity, what is given to friends and what I might sell on Craig’s List.  I must admit that she is brutal about the decision making.  Out go my 60’s prom dresses – goodbye croquet set – bye-bye yarn from the 80’s.  As we were sorting, I would say, “that goes to The Legacy.”  Finally Barb asked me, “What is The Legacy?”

laceThe Legacy is a craft and gift shop that is totally supported by donations to the Sebastopol Area Senior Center.  Fabric is sold by the pound and everything is really priced low.  This shop is such a part of Sebastopol that we don’t realize that it doesn’t exist anywhere else. We filled up my car and set off for the adventure of the day.  Just as we were leaving, my daughter called, “Mom, can you go by The Legacy and get me some stretchy white fabric for my display at Occidental Center for the Arts?”  How convenient.  It is nice to say yes without any hesitation.  I left a full load of goodies that I have carried around for about 20 years and got something for Jen at an outrageous price of $1.09.  donations

The day turned out to be a nice respite from loading boxes. It was great fun having someone with me to run my errands.  In addition to visiting The Legacy, we traveled into Santa Rose to pick out paint colors at Benjamin Moore, deposit  money at the bank and check out Lumber Liquidators.

It is getting close to D-Day on my move.  I have had two flooring contractors out for bids on the living room/dining area/kitchen floor.  I want it to be one continuous material instead of being chopped up by carpet and two different tiles.  I am so ready to get back to my vibrant colored walls.  Painting bids are coming in.  And the kitchen needs a new counter top – I am thinking butcher block.  There are still many things that need to be done and decisions to be made.

At the end of  the day, Barb and I set down to relax.  She was so glad to have had the chance to spend a day learning about this area.  She loves the idea of The Legacy, marvels at the recycling opportunities that Sonoma County offers and delights with the sculptures that appear as we drive around the countryside.  We who live here take these things for granted.  We are all working on our legacy.  I am so happy to be a part of Sonoma County.

20130524_115428 (1024x768)

Volunteering Takes Time

Selling Roses

One of the many blooms on display

One of the many blooms on display

The last two weeks I have been in the waiting period for my home purchase.  The loan is approved – the boxes are piling up – I am picking out colors.  Long escrows are just that – long.  But I would not be able to move if I had to do it today as I have spent the last two weeks doing my volunteering.  I have friends who volunteer at the hospital – organize town meetings- coach a softball team.  I have two organizations that are such a part of my life that I am always saying “yes”.  They are the Redwood Empire Rose Society and P.E.O. Chapter AJ.

20130511_120046 (1024x739)The Redwood Empire Rose Society is affiliated with the American Rose Society.  We meet monthly for either an informative program or a social gathering.  Most meetings involve roses and food.  The roses are the emphasis of the organization but we can’t seem to do anything without food to accompany it.  May 11 was our annual Rose Show and once again I took on the task of the Judges’ Luncheon.   I served 25 people a lunch of three salads and strawberry shortcake.  I used my favorite table linens and the

A Bouquet of Julia Child

A Bouquet of Julia Child

spread was inviting.  The luncheon had become known as the best Judges’ Luncheon in Northern California and it helps attract judges for our local rose show.  The judges travel from the South Bay, Nevada and Central Valley so we must make it worth their drive!  It was a beautiful day and we had beautiful roses.  That “we” is a bit incorrect as my roses had bloomed the week before and I had nothing to display.  The Rose Show is the first or second week of May each year at the Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center on Yulupa Avenue in Santa Rosa.  It is an event worth attending.

Stocking the Boutique

Stocking the Boutique

P.E.O. is a philanthropic educational organization.  What does that really mean?  We provide scholarships and loans to fund the higher education of women.  There are international, state and local funding mechanisms.  We do a lot of fundraising – but mainly we do it within our chapters.  My chapter is AJ in Sebastopol.  Last year we celebrated our 100th anniversary (you may remember the cars in the parade!)  Last week I was at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose working the 2013 State Convention.  The main money maker for the Conventions is the boutique and I was one of three co-chairs for this event.  Wow!  What a job!  We spent a year selecting and purchasing inventory and none of the three has any experience in retail.  After spending close to $17,000 and storing items, we had a four-day selling frenzy.   I don’t have the full left over inventory but it looks like we brought in about $35,ooo.  Not a bad profit for the unskilled.

Waiting for the Opening Ceremony

Waiting for the Opening Ceremony

A P.E.O. Convention is a whirlwind of fun, activities and presentations.  I only saw the inside of the boutique this year but I am going to be the delegate for Marin/Sonoma at the international convention in Dallas this September.  This should be a lot of fun.

I am back home and getting caught up on work and preparing for my upcoming move.  I received a bid for painting the downstairs and getting cork flooring.   I am ready to start settling in and I am 12 days away from closing.  This is going to be a busy summer.

Smiling after a long day of the Rose Show

Smiling after a long day of the Rose Show

Experiencing a Purchase from a New Perspective

What I am leaving!  This is the hard part of moving.

What I am leaving! This is the hard part of moving.

In my last post I mentioned that I am in escrow on a home.   This is no minor perturbation to my life and I am having many mixed emotions.  I am excited – I am overwhelmed – I am scared!  The real description of me is I AM A CLIENT!

The process started when I realized that I could probably purchase a home this year.  I have the income substantiated by my tax returns and I have money for a down payment (as modest as it might be).   Fortunately my credit scores are up in the area that makes me a “good bet” for paying things off.   The banks are starting to lend money to normal people again and the interest rates are so low that it is hardly a factor.  The prices of homes are going up rapidly and I have seen people delay their purchase until they can no longer afford to buy.  Those were the easy things to see.  The time to purchase is now.   The difficult part is that I do love where I currently live.  However, it is pretty far from work and I do not have a garage, dishwasher or bathroom large enough to turn around in.

I struggled with the decisions that must be addressed.  I cannot afford to buy much and less in Sebastopol than if I went to Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park or Windsor.  But I decided that being close to my friends and the places I love is more important to me than the size of the home, size of the lot or about anything else for that matter.  So like a good client, I made my “must have”  list.  I must have a garage.  I must have a dishwasher.  I must be located in Sebastopol, Forestville or Graton.  (Sorry, Occidental.  It is just too much of a drive right now.)  I must have a normal bathroom with a vanity counter.  I must have two bedrooms and a second bath would be fantastic.   I want at least 1200 square feet of living space.

With my list in mind, I started my search.  Realization #1:  There are no detached  homes in my price range.  Ramification #1:  a townhome in Sebastopol is the best that I can do.  What is the difference between a townhome and a condo?  They look the same but the townhome has minimal liability from the homeowner’s Association and therefore has lower HOA dues.

I made an offer on a home off Bodega Avenue.  I loved the exterior space and could live with the interior.  I adjusted to Realization #2: I am going to have a two story home.  This home was in my price range and move in ready.  There were seven offers and it went for $55,000 over asking with an all cash offer.  Realization #3: I may need to spend more than I want to get my “must have” list.  This was very disappointing.

Then I told myself what I tell my clients.  There is something better for you out there.  You must be patient.  I reacted about the same way my clients do – Sure, Barbara, I will spend every spare minute on the Internet looking for something better.  Call me every day so that I don’t spend my down payment on a new car to cheer myself up since I will never be able to afford anything.

But within a week another unit came on the market.  The outside space is not as good – in fact it is a tiny yard and a pretty drab exterior – but the interior space is dynamite.  I could see where my furniture would go.  Not quite move in ready but close enough to make it possible.  Better location than Bodega Avenue.   I immediately wrote my offer and got it submitted.  I offered $5,500 over asking.  And then the wait began.  I gave three days to respond.  At three days, no response.  I am getting nervous.  The rooms are getting smaller.  The stove is getting older.  The floor plan is getting less desirable.  Day 4 and still no response.  By now I am thinking – I really don’t like this place after all.  It is dingy and miniscule.   When clients call me asking if there is anything they can do to get a response sooner, I tell them that they need to be patient as the only real options we have are to wait until the seller responds or withdraw the offer.  This usually elicits a sigh of disgust.  I am now sighing – heavily.  Day 5, I get my answer.  My offer is accepted.    To me it seemed over 10 days.  I now have so much more empathy for my clients.

Gal pals are great for letting you know if you are doing the right thing.

Gal pals are great for letting you know if you are doing the right thing.

I immediately asked if I could go back to see the house and take Gail and Katy – before I even have inspections.  Clients do this all the time.  We walked into the living room and it was WOW!  Other than painting and that I want different flooring, the place is move in ready.  The stove is just fine and my furniture will all fit.  I am delighted.

How did I get this home over the other many offers?  I offered a bit higher than asking (it has appraised at that amount), I took less than 10 days to remove my inspection contingencies (I have the best inspectors), I accommodated the tenant and have a long escrow (71 days to be exact) and I have a reputation of getting the escrow closed.  Whatever really made the difference, I don’t know but I believe that I was meant to move to Sebastopol and live in this lovely home.  I am now 33 days from home ownership and delighted with the prospects of settling in.


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