Memorial Day Weekend – Back on the Page

imageI have been absent from my blog and a bit from my life for the last year or so.  Maybe even before that but I can’t really remember.  In honor of Memorial Day, I am returning to both!  I started this weekend with a return to my much younger self by having a dinner party that was a flash from the past.  Julia Child & Company  was the inspiration and I had three couples over for a wonderful evening.  I got so involved in the cooking, serving and imagedrinking that I forgot to take pictures!  The meal was enhanced by consuming Walker Station 2012 “Leslie” Pinot Noir and Siduri Ewald Vineyards 2009.  Neither the Ewalds or the Walkers could join us so we included them by having their wines. Needless to say, they were both fabulous and greatly enjoyed. To add to the meal of pork tenderloin and all the other great foods that go along with it, we had rosemary focaccia from Nightingale Bakery in Forestville.  The bakery is not often open but when it is, there is a line out the door. Look for it in downtown Forestville.

imageSaturday morning I was off to SF to pick Jen up from an evening of visiting friends.  I have not been in San Francisco (other than to run down to the DeYoung a few times) in ages and it was a beautiful day for visiting some old haunts.

I am sad to say that Alex Bakery on Clement Street is no longer open. For those of you not local to SF, Clement Street is populated with a plethora of Chinese dim sum eateries – mainly for take out.  The Alex Bakery has been a favorite for years. Made the best steamed pork buns around. Not to be denied dim sum, we needed to browse the other places and settled on imageGood Luck Dim Sum just a couple of blocks down the road. Jen thinks that the name was not a good choice for a restaurant but the food was tasty.  I think it was meant to tell us we would have good luck if we ate there and she thought it was taking a chance.  Oh, the differences in perspective!  We took in the culinary sites on our way back to the car. Fresh durian and soft shelled crabs made me reminisce about my days in Singapore and Malaysia. The streets were bustling with shoppers and I am sure some tourists but this is a really local neighborhood without the tourist places of Chinatown.  We ate it on the way home – by the veterans’ cemetery in the Presidio which was decked out with flags are every gravestone and the Golden Gate Bridge was brimming with people presumably celebrating its anniversary. It was a great outing with little effort or money.

We drove home via Valley Ford where the Oysterpalooza was going full steam. If you have never been there and love live music put it on your calendar for next year.  It has been going since 2008 and will certainly return next year.  Even the small town of Bodega (and that is not Bodega Bay!) was hopping. Can’t wait for Day 2 of the weekend.  Check back to see what else is happening in my village.


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