It Is All About Community

WWW signWhen I moved to Winding Wood Way, I expected that I would learn to live with neighbors and hear the sounds of human existence over the hoots of owls, growls of raccoon and wind in the redwoods.  I have been surprised at how quiet my new neighborhood is.  I see folks walking their dog or pulling out in their car but other than those activities, I hardly see anyone and seldom have the chance to meet.

So I was very excited to learn that a workday and potluck was planned for last Sunday.  The entrance to our little street was flanked by grass and with a group of frustrated gardeners in residence, this was not an acceptable situation.  The homeowner’s association had planned a perennial garden to spruce up along the sidewalk and the ground was prepared by the maintenance fellows.  At around 11 AM the group was gathered and the planting was underway.Planting2We were finished in no time.  I had planned to spend the whole day and decided that I should use this time to work in my own little back yard.  It is still a mess so you will not be seeing a picture of it as yet.  I planted a rose which generated a tub of topsoil that I have no idea where to dispose.  I then decided that it was time for the privet growing along the back fence to go.  Soon my yard was not only full of pots, plants and topsoil but the debris of a 10 foot privet!  By this time I was totally exhausted and a bit downtrodden.  How was I going to dispose of the mess I had just made?Picnic

Off I went to the picnic at the common area by the vegetable gardens.  I am going to have to sign up for one  of these gardens and hopefully next year I can grow eggplant and peppers and onions and zucchini.  There is no time for that until I get my own garden habitable.

I met neighbors whom I had never seen and shared a wonderful meal.  I shared that I had just generated a great deal of debris and did not have a green bin for disposal.  I was told of someone who had offered theirs for the communal workday but was not needed.  I drove home yesterday thinking about how I might need to go door to door until I found the person with the empty bin.

What a wonderful surprise when I got home and a green bin was in my driveway!  Community is a wonderful thing.

1 Response to “It Is All About Community”

  1. 1 Joyce Clydesdale September 24, 2013 at 9:33 am

    How wonderful! Glad to see you are getting to know your neighbors and they sound like your kind of people. Blessings!

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