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The Holidays are Underway


Every year I say how much I love Thanksgiving.  It is the truth.  This year my holiday lasted long enough to have two full traditional dinners and the commiserate following day leftovers.  I will be eating leftovers for a week and I gave many of them away.  I did enough cooking to  fulfill my obligation as the reigning matriarch of the family and to enjoy the compliments of friends and family.  Why do I like it so much?  Friends sitting in the kitchen – babies playing with whatever is within reach – family hanging out.   The holiday is one of the lowest key of holidays because it is about nothing but being happy, eating great food and spending time with loved ones.

Uncle Dan keeping Bree happy

I tried to make this Thanksgiving meal a little healthier.  A sweet potato salad with no butter or brown sugar was not quite as popular as the usual.  No one wanted to say it was the lack or either butter or sugar so the comment was “sweet potatoes should be warm.”   Personally, I loved it along with at least one other person.  I passed on mashed russet potatoes for South Beach Surprise Potatoes which is really mashed cauliflower.   Must say that the “potatoes” had mixed reviews.  The Victorian Dressing was probably the best I have ever made.  I think it was the Wildflower Bakery breads that really made it so special.  Of course, there were four pies for six people so no one was left without enough calories.

The wonderful weather blessed us for three days among these spells of rainstorms.  It was enough that we could meander in the garden and take a trip to the beach on Friday.  My friend in gardening, wine tasting and traveling, Gail Lee, brought a fresh bouquet from her backyard.

What shocked me about this lovely bouquet is that it contained roses, irises, alstroemeria and potato vine – in late November.  Having flowers from a personal garden in the late fall and winter are rare and this variety makes me wonder if global warming is finally hitting.

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as I and wish the best of the season to you all.


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