Memorial Day in Sebastopol

African Violet in Bloom

The morning of Memorial Day was a lovely sunny sky and the realization that my African Violet given to me in 1988 was blooming.  This was the first bloom since I moved them to the window of my living room on Joy Road.

My Prius with a Spare Tire

It was in such a wonderful beginning of the day that it took me about 200 yards down the road when I became very aware that something was amiss with my ever-so-reliable Prius.  Alas, the front passenger tire was flat.  I was back to my driveway, a quick change to the spare and off to show property.

The reminder that this day was  Memorial Day came to me as I passed the Sebastopol Cemetery.  The flags lining the roads were  flying in the wind and cars were slowly circling the graveyards.  Loved ones were taking flowers to graves – the sun was shining upon them.
One of the many wonderful expressions of community in Sebastopol is the regular and beautiful celebration of national pride.  This sometimes shows itself in the gathering of The Women In Black but far more regular are the flags.   The flags are out on Memorial Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and Labor Day.  It is a beautiful sight.

The Flags Waving on Hwy 116

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